Hello there!

I’m Thiago Tessis, a 30 years old Growth Hacker from the south of Brazil

Gratuated in Graphic Design and specialised in designing user-centric, conversion-oriented interfaces, I’m working with internet marketing since 2004 when I built my first ecommerce site.

Since the beginning I’ve always been worried about what makes a killer experience beyond beautiful pixels. That led me to learn about many other topics related to a designer’s role like psychology, copy, content, search engine optimization and programming languages.

Being able to come up with high converting interfaces plus generate good amounts of organic traffic made me switch my focus (learnt a lot again) to create complete digital marketing strategies.

I truly believe in growth hacking principles so I practice the mindset on every aspect of my work seeking exponential and sustainable growth. I like to be always learning, at the end of the day there’s nothing better than the feeling of having proven one hypothesis and be ready to fail with the next 30 😉

Currently I run a digital marketing agency I founded years ago, where I deliver effective, data-driven marketing strategies to help businesses, startups and first-time entrepreneurs grow.

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Clients that I proudly worked with

I take each client as a personal project of mine. I’m happy when things are doing great and stressed when not, simply as that. Take a look at what awesome clients are talking about me

"Thiago has worked in my company for over one year as a Growth Hacker, he delivered amazing results during this period, specially at SEO. No doubt he is a great asset to any team."
Juliana B.
CEO and Founder - Superela
"A committed person, relentless and extremely competent in his role. Found Thiago to be a great professional and partner that I always could count with during the time we worked together."
Luciano M.
Founder - Duplo Marketing Agency

Some big companies that I’ve also worked for

Prestigious Business School in Brazil
Electricity co. with 1.3m clients
Top 5 brazilian hosting company

It must be because of that they chose me...

14 years' experience

Full commitment

Effective Processes

I'm doing what I love

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