What I do

I’ve been successfully adapting growth frameworks for companies and startups to…

  • Uncover Untapped Acquisition Channels
  • Optimize Organic & Paid Sources
  • Improve Conversion Rates
  • Lower CPA Costs
  • Reach Exponential Growth

I consider myself a ROI (return over investment) freak, data-driven and lover of rapid experimentation. Also creator of silly (but efective) robots. My favorite marketing tool is Google Spreadsheets/Excel and I’m always looking for ways to automate things. Numbers don’t lie and robots never rest 🙂

There’s a wide variety of digital marketing services I can use to help you scale, check them out

Growth Project

I’ll plan and execute a complete 3 to 6 months Growth Project, delivering the best combination of my services.

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

Pay Per Click strategies

CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

Website, eCommerce and Landing Page Creation

Search Engine Optimisation

Smart Marketing Automation

Engaging Content & Social Media Presence

Recent works

Umbler . Cloud hosting startup
PQL (Product Qualified Lead) implementation
Unusual Customer Acquisition Techniques
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Google Ads and Social Media Ads
Marketing Automation

Umbler superpassed 100k users on Q1 2018 and it’s growing strong!

Superela . Women’s Empowerment Portal
UI/UX design
B2C Lead Generation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation
Email Marketing Nutrition

The startup went from a few hundred of thousands organic visits per month to almost 3 million in less than a year. Better than the spike in sales, the portal is now leveraging it’s huge audience to score contracts with with big brands.

Innoscience . Inovation Consulting Firm
Website, eCommerce and Landing Page creation
Engaging Content with webinars
Search Engine Optimisation
B2B Lead Generation
Social Media Ads
Marketing Automation

Innoscience owns the first (organic) position for “innovation consulting firm” in Brazil and generates high qualified, top level leads within the biggest brazilian companies.

Overtrans . Executive and tourism transportation 
B2C Lead Generation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Pay Per Click strategies

Overtrans standed out in the crowded transportation market of São Paulo and turned AdWords the dominant source (60 to 80%) of it’s 3 figures monthly revenue.

Ready to grow?

Couple more testimonials about my work

Cristina L.

Information Analyst & Designer at Procempa

Thiago is an extremely valuable person to have in your team. He is focused and responsible in his activities, always caring about improve things up. Thiago is also very collaborative, which turns him into a very nice person to work with.

Gabrielle F.


Many other agencies I spoke to said that would be impossible to implement the marketplace I was concepting. The only one who took the challenge was Thiago, and he did it very well. Thiago's work has been fundamental to the company's development, we have been growing steadly thanks to him and his team.